Artwork Guidelines

Designing your own banner in CorelDraw

If designing your own banner in Corel Draw Please supply:

  • Any images in the file at High resolution (300dpi)
  • Save as 'High Quality Print'
  • Convert all fonts to curves, ideally attach all fonts used.
  • Save as version 16 or as high as you can to 16 but not over 16
  • Please don't use crop marks on your your artwork

PDF Files

Please supply as:

  • High resolution (300dpi)
  • Save as 'High Quality Print'
  • Embed all fonts, ideally attach all fonts used.


Please supply as:

  • 300dpi
  • Flatten image and save as TIFF or JPEG

AIl Files

Please supply as:

  • All images embedded
  • Converted all text to curves
  • Save as CS2


We are not able to print directly from the following:

  • Word
  • Excel
  • Powerpoint
  • Publisher
  • Works

Note: If you have used any of these programs to create your artwork, please convert it to a PDF

A Few Must Do Things

If you need any help phone 01267 236262 to speak to a designer for guidance

  • We require a 3mm Bleed on all artwork unless we have specified otherwise
  • Ideally attach all fonts used with your artwork

Setting your page before you start


  • Set the Colours as CMYK as Files supplied as RGB converted to CMYK may affect the colour output.

Getting your Artwork to us

  • If your artwork is under 10MB; just send it by email to, including your details, the job details and order reference number.
  • If your artwork is over 10MB; please use for a secure file transfer.
  • Include your Name and Order reference number with your order.